Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster 1.39.48

Running games through the program

The key function of the program. On the first tab, you can add games that require start with the optimization of the system. It is possible to automatically find and display more information on the games. Pressing a button will complete the unnecessary processes, stopping unnecessary services and focus all of the system resources on only one game, you are going to run.

System Optimization

If you are afraid that the program finishes something important, you can adjust it manually, relying on the advice of Wise Game Booster or not. Unlike Game Accelerator, is the process of work is not hidden, all visual and subjected to manual configuration.

Optimize system settings will improve the stability of the system and start the computer speed by his gaming operation.

Ending unnecessary processes

The information in this tab – the result of analysis of running processes. This shows how long it takes memory a particular application, as well as what kind of load on the processor it has. Again, you can complete all in one click or add something important in the exclusion program. It’s simple, but the free RAM significant impact.

Stop unnecessary services

tab shows the various Windows system services in order of their unnecessary. The program offers complete some of them to free up resources. The scheme is the same – you can trust the program and stop all, or read and become familiar with the proposals carefully



Here is a handy and outdoor tool. to optimize the system. There is nothing complicated, miracles should not wait, but everything is at hand, and the result is immediately makes itself felt.