Udemy, Udemy Zkail Semembayev – Fundamentals of Project Management

Udemy [Udemy] Zkail Semembayev – Fundamentals of Project Management. Whether Project manager! (2019)


Author, [Udemy] Zkail Semembayev
Name, The Basics of project management. Whether Project manager! (2019)

The ability to manage projects – the key competence of the XXI century. This course on project management were more than 430 students with other learning platforms. Now they successfully make a career of project managers in different organizations. Currently, the project manager The most popular profession. According linkedin in Moscow alone there are currently 947 vacancies project manager. Wages range from 25,000 to 120,000 USD / year, depending on the complexity of the project

Knowledge of universal methodologies and tools Project Management allow,.

    < li> to solve problems of any complexity and achieve career growth.
  • increase the income and improve the satisfaction of their activities
  • increase the value of the labor market because demand is growing every year in the project manager in many spheres from defense to health.
  • Participate in the life of the professional community. You will always feel the assistance of colleagues – a corporate culture Project Manager

In this course you will immediately meaningful plunge into the development of approaches and project management tools.. You disassemble real cases, as well as the failed and successful. Discover the formula for success and make a step towards the professional heights. After training, you can immediately apply basic project management tools in the business.

The course is designed for anyone who wants to get a job in the field of project management.

  • those who want to go into the sphere of project management,
  • for project managers who want to improve their skills,
  • for entrepreneurs who want to learn the process project management,
  • the one who has high ambitions regarding his future, seeking opportunities replenish their experience useful application knowledge and process management skills and people,

the course will be of interest, both for beginners entrepreneurs and professionals, as well as company managers with a large pool of projects where it is necessary to systematize the processes of project management.