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may need anything in the modern world, and not a fact that will be the right tool at hand. Creating animations is also included in this list, and if you do not know which tool is capable of such, it is possible to greatly stung. Such a tool is Synfig Studio, and with this program you can create high-quality animation rather

Synfig Studio -. It is a system for creating 2D-animation. It is possible to draw the animation itself from scratch or get ready to move in advance of the image. The program itself is quite complicated, but it is functional, which is its biggest advantage.

Edit. drawing mode.

Edit. Mode animation

In this mode, you can create an animation. Control mode is quite familiar – parting specific points of the HR. To switch between modes using the switch in the form of a man on the timeline.


On this panel contains all the necessary tools. Thanks to them, you can draw your shapes and elements. There is also a tool is available via the top menu item.

The options bar

This function was not in Anime Studio Pro, and that, on the one hand, easier to work with her, but did not give such opportunities, which are available here. Through this panel you can accurately set the dimensions, name, offset, and all that relates to the parameters of a figure or object. Naturally, it kind of looks and a set of parameters with different elements differently.

create layer bar

It is also used to derive additional information about program management. It is possible to adjust the generated layer to your preferences, choose what it will be and how to apply it.

The panel layers

This panel is one of the key, since it is there that you decide will look like your coat, what will he do with it and what can be done. You can adjust the blur, set the parameter of motion (rotation, move, scale), in general, make an ordinary image currently driven object.

The ability to work on multiple projects at the same time

Simply create another project, and you can easily switch between them, thereby copying something from one project to another.


Timeline executed perfectly, because you can thanks to the mouse wheel zoom in and out the scale, thereby increasing the number of images that you can create. The downside is that it is not possible to create objects out of nowhere, as it was possible in the Pencil, to a crank, have to do a lot of manipulation.


Before you save, you can look at the result obtained as well as during the creation of the animation. It is also possible to change the quality of the preview that help in creating large-scale animation.


The program has the ability to add plugins for later use, making it easier in some aspects of the work. By default, there are two plug-ins, but you can download and install the new.


If you select, the image quality will drop, which will help speed up the program a little bit. Is especially important for owners of slower computers.

full Edit mode

If at the moment you draw with a pencil or any other instrument, you can stop it by pressing the red button on the Drawing toolbar. This will allow access to full editing each element.



Synfig Studio is a great multifunctional tool for working with animation. It has everything you need to create high-quality animation, and more. Yes, it is slightly difficult to manage, but all programs that combine multiple functions in one way or another, require development. Synfig Studio – it really is a good free tool for professionals

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Synfig Studio

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Sooo horoshayaprogramma. Before, I did not know how to do animation and downloading it, I learned quickly. many functions, the entire program in English. Everything is simple and clear. Thanks to the creators of programs and those who put it here !! Now rivet cartoons just once or twice. It is a pity that the program does not save projects at once in .avi format, and stores the .gif ((I have to remodel through another program in .avi. By the way, you can tell what mozhet program saves animation sazu in .avi?

Please! We are glad that the program and liked the article you! well, what about the lack of conservation in * .avi, on it and a program for creating animations, rather than creating a video in order to maintain only * .gif.

Greetings to the creators and promoters of free software Synfig!
Professionally working in animation since 2000. The first cartoon made in Moho. Then there were the Aura, Toon Boom, 3dMax, Maya, Blender, Flash, Anime Pro again Moho, only now the 12th version of the Moho 12 -. super, but its price I can not afford Began to search for free analogues just at that time there was Open Toonz But there, as in flash, unfinished morphing, without which it is impossible to create a living…. classic animations.
to Synfig always skeptical. and all tol forums ko abuse this program. But a couple of days ago, I caught the eye of a lesson on the animation shapes. Go Download Synfig. I tried – really easy to animate components and shapes. But, unfortunately, when downloading someone else’s character all slowed down a thousand times. And you can not import the usual movie and sequences. In this regard, I am referring to the huge request to the creators of this wonderful software to accelerate its modernization! The sooner you do, the sooner animators all over the world will give preference Synfig.