Rating Free programs for viewing photos and images

Rating of free programs for viewing photos and images

Need a handy photo viewer? We can help you determine the best! Read our rating, which we have collected the most practical software and services, as well as described in detail all of their features and benefits.

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Programs Comparison Table

1. PhotoGallery

Photo Gallery – English-language software from AMS Software Developer domestic. It is suitable for viewing files of any image formats (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, RAW, CR2) and a high speed. You can even watch the big pictures without hangups. Performance is especially noticeable in comparison with the built-in viewer for Windows 7, 10, etc. Photo Gallery -. Deservedly the best program for viewing photos, because in addition to the basic viewer option, which works fine, allows you to edit

  • Auto Enhance. You can adjust the lighting and color of the image,
  • Crop. Blow any all unnecessary, attach photos of the desired shape,
  • < li> The alignment of the horizon. is enough to draw a straight line, and a photo gallery independently adjust the image,

  • Reflection and rotation. With one click, rotate image and otzerkalivayte horizontally or vertically ,
  • slideshow mode. show pictures to friends become an even better!
  • photo Galleries can be used absolutely free of charge. Download and install it instead of the standard program windose for viewing images. You can easily and conveniently open and edit photos in any format.

    2. IrfanView

    IrfanView – minimalist app that does the basic rate on the performance. It takes the computer only 1 megabyte and works with various extensions. IrfanView does not appreciate a nice interface or a variety of options, but the developers are clearly not set ourselves this goal. It is made as simple as possible, to provide high speed even on a fairly old computers

    However, here there are a minimum of editing options. Cropping, adding effects, slide-show

    3. . XnView

    XnView – photo viewer with convenient tools for image management and conversion in the selected format. In addition to image files, additional software can open AVI, MP3 and some other extensions. XnView is provided with the option Drag and Drop, which facilitates file management and easy sorting by date, weight, name and other criteria.

    In XnView you will also find simple editing tools (crop, rotate, add text, change size, imposition of effects), the opportunity to prvivlekatelnoe slideshow, batch processing options.

    4. FastStone Image Viewer

    FastStone Image Viewer – application to open, edit, and convert image files. Users have access to a handy sorting into folders, create business cards and slideshows, add votermark batch processing. FastStone is able to communicate with printers and scanners, send pictures by mail.

    Menu software as simple as possible to understand why it is not difficult. Viewer supports all graphical extensions including RAW. When connected to an additional plug-ins, then it becomes a functional photo editor.

    5. Google Photo

    Google Photo – service to open and organize your images. You can add photos to store and easy to put them into folders. This is particularly appreciated by users who want to quickly bring order to their photographs.

    With the help of Google Photo you can work with pictures of popular extensions, add effects to photos, adjust the brightness, color. Thanks to this service you save space on the PC, but to work need a Google Account.

    6. Carambis PhotoTrip

    Carambis PhotoTrip – viewer for JPEG images, BMP, PNG, RAW, and other formats. It has a simple and friendly interface differs quite a good performance. Here you can open and edit photos and albums to draw and beautiful collection.

    By the opportunities Carambis PhotoTrip refers sort photo files, color correction, saturation, contrast and brightness, the publication of the material in the social network. However Carambis PhotoTrip is

    7 free for 30 days.. Photographers

    photographers – is a versatile image editor in English with the possibility of viewing. Despite the fact that the main purpose of the software is precisely processing, built-in viewer is handy and convenient. You can select a folder and flipping images like arrows, and with the help of visual thumbnails.

    The tools in editing photographers are very extensive. There is improvement in the quality settings (exposure, saturation, contrast, sharpness, etc.) removal of defects (stamp, Healing Brush, horizon leveling, etc.), replacement of the background, a spectacular improvement in the portrait, overlay filters, and more. < / p>

    8. ACDSee

    ACDSee – a well-known and popular program to open the photo. Like the previous ones, she will appreciate the speed of users. The benefits also include a simple interface and the ability to open files of graphic extensions. The main feature of ACDSee in large print settings. Therefore, this software is worth paying attention to those who frequently print photos at home

    The viewer also includes the most basic editing options for a photo,. Overlaying effects, cropping, rotating, etc. To get more features you can set ACDSee Pro, however. he is paid, and quite expensive – 5,000 p

    9.. STDU Viewer

    STDU Viewer – application for viewing photos and a variety of electronic documents. In it, you can open DjVu, PDF, CBR, TIFF, TXT, EMF, WMF, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, including the expansion of the Photoshop PSD. It really is a universal software, which is also characterized by high performance. However, in addition to the opening of files of different extensions STDU Viewer nothing else can.

    10. Light Image Resizer

    Light Image Resizer – image viewer, that also allows you to resize, convert to other extensions, to edit and add effects. After processing the files ready, you can publish on the Internet or send an email directly from the editor. Use Light Image Resizer free only during the trial period. The cost of a license – $ 20

    11.. Zoner Photo Studio Free

    Zoner Photo Studio Free – photos Player, suitable for display and processing image files. Opens any formats allows calendar templates and postcards, pictures can be edited, including the removal of red-eye effect, apply filters. Batch processing is available. Finished projects can be uploaded to the network.

    12. Nero Kwik Media

    Nero Kwik Media – application for displaying and organizing photos and multimedia. This fotomenedzhere can improve the picture quality, as well as to sort objects from catalogs or burn them to a disc. Additionally, users will be able to prepare slide shows and presentations. Download the program to view the pictures, you can free from the official website.

    13. Movavi Photo Manager

    Movavi Photo Manager – the viewer with the ability to create photo albums. Where quality can be improved, change background, add labels and watermarks. Software works with all popular formats and performs packet processing. However, Movavi Photo Manager is free only during the trial period. To use it on, will have to buy a license for 1290 rubles.

    14. Simply Slideshow

    Simply Slideshow – a photo viewer and images in a slideshow format. You yourself can set the display order, the cyclical and other parameters. You can view photos in both normal and in full screen mode.

    15. Imagine Viewer

    Imagine Viewer – a concise and user-friendly photo viewer, where you can edit the photographic material. Here you can view material in the form of a slide show, adjust the images and apply filters, capture screenshots and perform batch processing.

    You got to know topom programs for viewing photos. If you need an easy, fast software that will offer additional editing options, download the photo gallery. It’s completely free. Try it now,