PowerDVD / Believe DVD

PowerDVD / Believe DVD 20.0.2325.62

PowerDVD – it is a professional video player. His story lasted for many years and during that time he has not lost its relevance. This is achieved thanks to the constant updating of the player and his completions

Believe DVD -. One of the few free players, who can easily play 4K Blu-Ray 3D and HD DVD video. On this basis you can easily create a home theater, if you connect to a computer a big TV.

We can free download PowerDVD from the official site. This does not require registration or sending SMS.

In the settings you can select the playback quality. If the disc is recorded in HD, but the player is set to a weak computer, you can take some of the load, lowering the quality of the video.

For those who have studied languages ​​for films, will be interested in the function display subtitles in two languages. < / p>

appearance believe DVD can be changed according to your preferences. You can find other.

When watching videos you can install bookmarks, so you could move on to the important places in the future In the settings there are several predefined skins, as well as on the Internet.

If The video was shot in vertical mode, PowerDVD is easy to turn it when the appropriate setting. In addition to the rotation, the player can scale the image, bringing the necessary objects

The player opens any format that can only be required,. AVI, MKV, MP4, AVCHD, FLV and many other

. The program can delete the extra digital noise, which need TrueTheater noise Reduction technology. When you turn it on video is cleaner and watch it nicer

In addition, while watching movies via PowerDVD, you can share this information with your friends in a variety of foreign social networks,. Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and the like.