Jade Empire Special Edition

Jade Empire Special Edition

Jade Empire Special Edition – the fantasy role-playing game inspired by eastern mythology. The protagonist – Monk Spirit, looking for a teacher – Master Li. The game will tell us about Jade Empire of the Great Drought. The history starts in the moment when the two brothers died of the current governor.

The plot is nonlinear and contains a galaxy of heavy moral decisions that affect not only the development of history, but also the gameplay. The player will have to go full chapter 7, where he will visit Tian Parking area, the Imperial City and the Palace and the Temple of the Spirit Monks. Depending on whether the hero wins or enslave the Water Dragon, Lotus depends on murderers.

At the beginning of the campaign offers a choice of seven characters with unique abilities and characteristics. Unfortunately, the appearance of the hero can not be selected.

The gameplay is tied to the fighting styles. To learn new movements, the player must find a special scroll. The protagonist has three bands,. Health, qi (analogue magic) and Focus – used for weapons, which allows to use slow-mo

The fighting styles are subcategories,

  • Dogfight, The legendary hit, rapid tiger thousand wounds, White demon,
  • Support, Heavenly wave, Dragon storm, Hidden fist, paralyzing his hand,
  • Qi, Ice Shard, Emberstorm eternity Stones, Storm,
  • Weapon, Long sword, sword dragon sword Demon favorite of fortune,

also available conversion styles, including demon-toad demon horse, Jade golem, Red Envoy, as well as several special moves -. thief spirit and Drunken master

The protagonist meets various additional characters, Star of dawn, insight Zu, Sky, Wild Flower, silk Fox, henpecked Howe Mad Kan, Jin Bo, Black Whirlwind and Abbot Suna. Each of these characters will help in the way of the hero, and at the end of the game you can find out about the fate of the characters

Jade Empire Special Edition -. Variation and elaborate RPG, which is a dream project BioWare has studios