Download Zombie Me Creepy Photo Editor


Zombify – editor, converting a photo of any person into a zombie. You can use an existing photo or take a new photo camera. With that supports both the main rear chamber and a front. So that you can make great zombie selfie.

For the best results when shooting a man’s head should be placed in the selected area. But this is not necessarily because then you can still be further noted in the photo position of the ears, eyes and mouth. Then you can begin to create a memorable image.

At your disposal there are several options for the eyes, mouth, and various objects. For example, you can stick in your friend’s head zombie knife or hatchet. In addition, it is possible to apply photo filters to get a more dramatic effect

The main difference from similar Zombify editors -. Is that as a result of zombies will not be a static image, and the living, moving. They growl, turned his head, his mouth open, click bloody jaws.