PDFMate PDF Converter

PDFMate PDF Converter

PDFMate PDF Converter Professional – a comprehensive Windows program to convert PDF-files to EPUB, TXT, DOC, IMG, HTML, SWF formats, and JPG to PDF-documents

In addition, recognizes the scanned images, unites and divides files, supports the installation of passwords and permissions, and also has advanced output settings. If you need only to open and print the PDF document, you can use the browser here to support this format.

PDFMate PDF Converter Professional will be a reliable solution for converting a PDF-file, to the same and time-saving. A simple carrying out the conversion in three clicks will easily work with the application even inexperienced users.

Functionality PDFMate PDF Converter Professional

The program provides extensive functionality that satisfies every user’s requests working with PDF-files,

  • multi-format conversion,
  • Pattern recognition (OCR),
  • resize page,
  • reorder files,
  • Merge, split,
  • advanced output settings,
  • password protection,
  • overlay permits
  • batch processing support.

to download the PDF-file in PDFMate PDF Converter Professional, you must press the appropriate button in the upper left corner of the main program window. It supports both single and batch addition. Immediately, you can specify any, intended for conversion, file page or range.

It should be noted that the application provides two detection modes and automatically detects the scanned PDF-files.

When you add a scanned document dialog box appears and provides the option to enable OCR.

PDFMate PDF selection Advantages Converter Professional

  1. Lossless preserves the original quality of the original.
  2. It has a comprehensive solution for processing of PDF-documents.
  3. Provides flexibility to personalize the output files.
  4. The trial PDFMate PDF Converter Professional to convert available only the first three pages of each PDF-file. In addition, a trial assembly of the program does not support the range of choice and the separation pages of the document. Therefore, we recommend to download the free version of Free PDFMate PDF Converter using the link below.