13 applications for efficient time management

13 applications

Effective time management for organizing tasks


In Any.DO to each task, you can add tags, memos, subtasks and investments. priority function will concentrate on the essentials and not to forget about an important matter, and lists can be shared with friends and colleagues -. and plan joint projects

It is worth noting Focus option, which helps to further motivate the user. If it is turned on, and the person did not complete the task, the application destroys a virtual tree. Another feature Any.do – a shopping list, which the application automatically categorizes

In the paid version, you can create recurring tasks, attach files of any size, using individual threads, colored tags and labels, and create reminders. tied to a particular place.

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Todoist -. Main competitor and a great alternative Any.do. The application does not except that self-destroying wood. In Todoist can break the task of projects and sub-projects, add tags, change the theme, add comments, attach files and to conduct joint projects. As an additional motivation in service integrated productivity tracking. Some features, including reminders, and add tasks to email, are only available in the premium version of the application.

Maybe a lot of applications, so that you will have to familiarize yourself with the user guide. With it, for example, you will understand how to better execute and organize projects, work with tasks, tags and filters, find out which tags should be used to customize the task.

Some users pushes the need to explore the possibilities of the service, Todoist but worth it. Having dealt per hour with all its features, you get a reliable and easy to use planner

Another advantage of the application -. Templates that help to quickly create a list of tasks and organize other lists – from purchase planning to create a content plan for social networks. Find a suitable, please visit the app

«My case, Task Scheduler».

Not the most elegant, but quite functional service for scheduling tasks. The possibilities are limited to the creation of scheduling tasks by day and a list of general affairs, is not tied to a specific time. Tasks can be moved, copied and sent to colleagues. The built-in Calendar app helps you organize tasks for a few months in advance

At the end application functions -. No tags or labels with filters, nor the ability to attach files or track progress. But if you need a simple and intuitive service for time management without a heap of additional functions, My business, you might like

In the PRO-version are available a number of useful functions,. Sync tasks-wrap Affairs widget . repeat notifications and new themes

Price, is a free version + can be designed as a subscription (150 rubles for three months) , and a one-time purchase (599 rubles)


Despite the fact that the Microsoft, Wunderlist bought in 2015, said the application is closed two years ago, the service is still running. Moreover, the company’s founder, developed the Wunderlist, is now trying to start talks about his redemption. Meanwhile, online Wunderlist actively advertised service Microsoft To-Do, which will be discussed below

The very Wunderlist is still quite easy to use program,. To each task, you can add a reminder repeats, subtasks, notes and files, create several different lists and customize them for yourself. Wunderlist boasts another feature – a function of Conversations, through which you can discuss common tasks without leaving the app. Topics are not provided, you can choose a background.