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Overview of Windows Admin Center

to run the new OS Windows server 2019 You can use various tools, such as PowerShell , the management console Microsoft (MMC) and server Manager. All of these tools are already built into the operating system. This link from the Microsoft website additionally can be downloaded Center Windows administration ( Windows Admin Center ).

The general philosophy administer Microsoft systems is that while using the graphical interface, the Center Active Directory administration or server Manager console, you can perform almost all the tasks, but the tasks that are repeatedly performed, must be automated using Windows PowerShell, and it is recommended that almost all administrative tasks remotely.

It is necessary to be able to use the remote connection means and, if possible, to exclude the use of Remote desktop. Opening RDP is not secure and time-consuming. Suppose you want to reset the local user password on 30-50 or more servers. To accomplish this task by using RDP to spend a lot of time.

Automate tasks wherever possible. Windows Admin Center (WAC) is a web-based console, through which you can remotely manage Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2. For Windows Server 2008 R2 Management has a limited set of tasks.

Administration Center can be opened with the help of Edge, Firefox, and of Google Chrome, to install on computers running Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019.

If you are installing WAC will occur on Windows 10, the service will listen to the port of 6516 , and the icon to launch will be the desktop.

Windows administration Center can set to editors Server Core , using the command msiexec , specifying the port and required additional parameters

SME_PORT -. is the port that you will use, and SME_THUMBPRINT -. a hash installed SSL certificate (TLS)

When you are connected to the WAC, add all the necessary server. To do this, there is the Add button, then select the type of resource that you want to create or add. It can be a virtual machine Azure, Windows server or cluster of servers.

Once you have selected will appear

A dialog box will ask you to enter your credentials with administrative rights to add servers. From the Central Administration can manage cloud services such as Azure Backup, Azure Software Update, Azure Site Recovery and others.

The Windows Admin Center, there are extensions that expand its capabilities. It displays the extension, published in the official channel of Microsoft NuGet. These extensions are approved by Microsoft and published by trusted third party vendors.

At this point WAC complement and not replace funds RSAT . Perhaps in the future, more and more functions will move exactly into it, and it will be the only tool for the Windows Remote Management Server.