Alien Soldier

Alien Soldier

Do you like science fiction? Then you have to like a dynamic game in the spirit of the sci-fi thriller Alien Soldier. You will be a hero to destroy the enemies, try to avoid the treacherous traps and defeat the final boss. Try to get to the end!

story takes place in 2015. A group of alien beings terrorist Scarlet blocked the inhabitants of planet Earth out into space. But the brave people managed to grab the leader and place it in the laboratory, where the observations are for children who have superpowers.

But the leader is infused into the body of one of the boys, radically changing its appearance. At the same time I am in group seized power malevolent creature that wants to kill former leader and become a wholly leader.

The game is exciting and has a dull story. Graphics lively and bright, and sound effects are added to the atmosphere. Download the emulator to your computer and enjoy the process. Play can only be alone. All description created in two languages, English and English