IP-TV Player 50

IPTV Player 50.1

Description and recommendation

IPTV Player – the client to view the broadcast IP-TV channels. The program operates on the engine, VideoLAN VLC, compatible with Windows XP and older versions of the operating system.

The player loses unencrypted broadcasting from open sources or channels included in the ISP package. Directly services IP-TV software does not provide. The application interface is made in English.

The installation procedure

Installing the TV ip client comes as standard, except for a couple of nuances that require attention. Therefore, it is recommended to activate the box Select parameters and settings folderĀ».

  1. Decide on VideoLAN-module version. VLC engine can be turned off, but it is recommended to use the most recent release.
  2. Option UDP-to-HTTP Proxy better activate the WiFi connection mode for mobile and gaming devices, and SmartTV TV. When you install on your PC, Proxy tab should be left unmarked because the Windows system supports multicast distribution to multiple addresses.
  3. The following IPTV Installer window for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or XP, it is important to adjust the settings regarding third-party software. This will prevent the installation of Yandex browser and its components.

    Viewing online TV broadcasting

    The principal advantage of the player, the ability to download the client for free IPTV Player with TV channels and radio. Basic playlist ip broadcasting loaded automatically from the web resource developer. 32 kit combines television and 4 radio frequencies.

    Choose other IPTV providers can through the channel list menu. . To do this, in the tab Internet TV to click on the three vertical dots

    The player will provide a choice of over hundreds of providers from different regions of Russia and CIS countries, Ukraine, Moldova, Baltic States

    Alternatively, the desired playlist from the channels can be connected directly from the WAN by entering the link.

    to correctly display the TV channels from the third-party service providers usually require a subscription.

    Features IPTV Player

    The client application has a functional standard player. The program, along with the review function, allows you to record broadcasts, take screenshots. It has a built-in task scheduler. This option is very useful for recording TV programs with a particular channel in a given period of time.

    • Select a language track,
    • increase in speed using GPU acceleration, if the option available to the GPU model,
    • display clock,
    • upload TV programs,
    • mode smartphone.

    image quality in the channel is regulated contrast settings, saturation, brightness, and color gamut. Player for Windows 7 – 10, XP provides various options screen ratio, 4, 3, 16, 9, 221, 100, and others. Trim the frame


    The main negative aspect of IPTV Player -. Operation only in a Windows environment. client version for MacOS, Mobile Android / iOS platforms do not exist.

    This disadvantage is offset by the extensive range of similar programs in pleymarketah.


    IPTV Player download for free quickly and with the latest updates to the developer offers our website.

    The application has a English interface and distributed freeware. Note, Free license offer installation of third-party software – Yandex browser