Win Toolkit for Windows

Win Toolkit for Windows

Win Toolkit (Windows 7 Toolkit) – a free utility that allows you to easily integrate into the image of a bootable Windows 7 disk updates, drivers, add-ons, service packs, themes, wallpapers, and many more tweaks, as well as to remove from the distribution unnecessary components.

also there is the possibility of combining in one image 86- and 64-bit versions of the operating system, the integration of silent installations, creating bootable USB-drive, a built-in controller to edit the WIM, creating their own add-ons with subsequent integration into the image, edit the registry within a WIM image, etc.

Windows 7 USB / DVD Download tool -. a great tool on to Microsoft, . with which you can easily

Redistributable component Microsoft Visual C ++ to Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 because in VS 2015, and more

ASUS Fan Xpert -. a handy utility for motherboards production ASUS, with the help of which you can not

Process Lasso -. Clear at tilita for Windows operating systems that allows you to manually or.

Feedback about the program Win Toolkit

With the help of this program me yakche machine, able to sew up the key hole in pain dozen OS. Hachu not pay Gnillu demon. My ten and my key – nraitsya! Admin, yakche mash!
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I have a couple of questions on the application, in addition to English, what other languages ​​are supported? This program is for users or for those who create assembly (pirates) for uploading to the network as the release of OS updates?
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This program is definitely not for the users. 3 options, Service company, System Administrator large firms Pirate.
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