Quiz English language Science and Technology educational teaching material of English (Grade 10)

Quiz in English Science and Technology┬╗
educational-methodical material in English (Grade 10)



Objective, Learn students with interesting, well-known discoveries, inventions and inventors

The rules of the quiz, Participates group of students (15 people), which is divided into 3 to 5-person team. The quiz consists of 39 tasks. For discussion of each task is given 1-3 minutes depending on difficulty levels. Points received the team that first gives the right answer. If the answer was incorrect, the opposing team has the opportunity to give his answer. Questions are chosen at will. At the end of the lesson results are announced and the winning team is called

Teacher,. Good morning dear boys and girls. Today we have an unusual lesson. You are going to have a quiz today devoted to Science and Technology. Three teams will take part in our quiz. The names of the teams will be colors. Let’s see the quiz and the number of points you can get for each part. It consists of three parts, inventers (21 points), inventions (6 points), space (12 points). The total number of points you can get is 13 (plus additional points). You can choose the part and the number of your question. You should choose the correct answer out of the three given a, b, c. The task will appear on the screen only for some seconds and then disappear, so you should think quickly. You will have 1-3 minutes. Write your answers on the answer sheets and say it. If your answer is wrong, the next team will answer the question. The first part is Inventers. The second part is Inventions. The third part is Space.

On the blackboard you see a table with the numbers of the questions, your task is to choose any number, answer the question and get a point. Be attentive! I wish you good luck!