citrix XenServer

Citrix XenServer

Citrix XenServer is a free, enterprise-class, cloud-proven virtualization platform. XenServer provides all the functions needed to create and manage a virtual infrastructure. Includes free, XenMotion allows customers to move live, running applications between hosts without any downtime. Also included XenCenter management console, XenConvert – physical to virtual machine conversion utility, disk snapshot and active directory integration. In combination with high-performance, reliable and scalable hypervisor, these valuable properties enable organizations of all sizes to immediately benefit from server virtualization. Install and configure XenServer in less than ten minutes and virtualize even their most demanding workload. When you are ready, simply add the premium edition of XenServer, that meets your unique needs of a rich set of management and automation capabilities

Main features of XenServer free edition include ,. Unlimited virtualization. Download and use the XenServer, as many hosts as you would like to install as many virtual machines across as many CPUs and more memory than you need. Performance bare-metal. Built on the open source Xen hypervisor, XenServer compact architecture has the lowest overhead of any server virtualization solution, offering near performance Head-metal. Live migration. XenMotion allows virtual machines to be moved from one host to another without any application downtime. XenCenter management console. XenCenter provides scalable setup and administration to XenServer environment. Unlike other controls, XenCenter distributes data among the management servers in a resource pool to ensure there is no single point of failure management. Complete tools and infrastructure integration. Includes XenConvert and OVF to automate the conversion of physical or virtual servers on XenServer, Active Directory integration and native support for disk snapshots and back