Captain Price updated Verdansk, new maps and weapons, parts of the third season Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

Captain Price updated Verdansk, new maps and weapons – the details of the third season Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

Activision has announced the third season of Call of Duty, Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, and presented a road map content. Apparently, the players waiting for one of the most succulent seasons during the shooters coexistence with the fall 2020

  • Invent Hunt for Adler -. Special tests with awards in the Cold War and Warzone
  • Updated Verdansk
  • Four operatives – Wraith, Knight, Antonov and captain Price (receive a free all owners of Black Ops Cold War)
  • A new weapon, PCA-41 sniper rifle swiss K31, ballistic knife, tactical rifle CARV.2, gun AMP63, baseball bat
  • Maps, Yamantau, Diesel, Standoff, Duga
  • mode, Sticks and Stones, Multi-Team Elimination
  • a new series of points Strafe Run

The update for Warzone will be available April 22 at 7 am, and for Black Ops Cold War – April 21 at 7 am . Size Warzone patches a little more than 25 GB on all platforms, and Black Ops Cold War – from 8 GB to 13 GB

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I notably carbon monoxide if the PCA will be a new Meta and naturally each black Rose will run with it)

Fixed SYKOV. I Manal these strange people. Produce guns, it is not testing them. A feeling that they pohren gamers. Constantly releasing what that thing, and it porit entire game. The invisible wall near the building in which you balk, and standing on the road, buggy animation besyachie trunks, with a million bullets, and the rate of a hundred lard shots per second. There are working blind zazhranye chtoli eggplant? Promised a new card, they have altered little verdansk. Horses, really.

@Warnamestar, I have to start scoring on this part, but try the demo before purchasing and still dare to buy this kaku (

@AlexVork, play because More nevochto ((I want to go to work after a couple of shooting rink and get Tried Rainbow -. wild dull ballad, not for me COP do not like Do not know what more you can play standards

@AlexVork, I ventured on the second.. season, before a negative attitude to this part. in MW2019 won back about 400 hours. in principle, gone, do not regret the purchase.

Already played? in the course of all minor alterations Verdanska or so, just a bunch to the sky ? I swear. No full info and even adequate drains about how much will be redone card as new locations and modified the old, and you are already whining about what it supposedly is the same as before.

@ Seiron, on what? at close range?
For me it was not a problem even before the nerf. I inject it, ran, I saw that the same as most imbovyh guns etc. To the vicinity at the time.

@TuesandT, at close range it is still the most lethal weapon in the fashion Akimbo. And without Akimbo at the best PP in all respects.
Neither gun was not near so strong. He killed two times faster than any other is the fastest weapon now he kills only half as fast, well, sort of a nerf.
The main problem is that it can simply be worn together with the main weapon and you do not have two sets or one set with two guns, you can take the set at once with a ghost and a full set of weapons for a comfortable game. Well, as comfortable, at close range is the best weapon)

@sandrosar, all right? do you want a new card each season? Renaissance Island is not enough? Or it is not considered as you maybe he did not go? Nothing that they huge card rework and it comes out the other day? Or do you want to you every season of the size of the map Verdansk riveting? Already was infa that the release CW did not have time this event with a map gash, but promised that now every year to release a new caster will update the main, it is enough if you do a bunch of different cards it would be a mistake, 2-3 in just right, otherwise the players will be divided, the search time increase in the same PUBG.
If you will change and revival Verdansk once a year, it is the theme of the rules.

@Diablos, but you’re a joker, oh how they map rework recent seasons, keep me seven. that there is added over 2 seasons, the ship near the prison where the people after the Event does not happen? let’s see what his place taken away
Underground removed, polstadiona closed, the hopper was removed, the puzzle with the discovery of secret locations removed. juggernaut broke – removed from the game, to repair what is a chore. trucks with machine guns broke down – the same direction, new helicopters for the second time in the game try to add, and all with the same bugs. working guys on the glory of course, an issue with the syringe for zone 8! appearances in the game is something completely. but yes, they also have no time, they are changing the map of a sweat
I want a new card at least once in 8 seasons. I want to bugs Fix is ​​not removing things and mending. Well, again, you can endlessly list My Wishlist, but it was used well to start with at least this. I’m certainly glad that there are people who are satisfied with 16 months of the same card, and apparently, thanks to people and lazy developers, we are waiting for another 16 months, converted Verdanska
PS island revival standards, but it does not a map for Battle of the piano. for children who have no multiplayer, but they really want action

@sandrosar, what they Krivorukov mediocrity, no one argues, it is not about that, but only about the new maps that you want, is it not logical that as long as they remake the entire Verdansk and prepare this event, nothing new should not expect other than story of places like the ship itself, silos with missiles.

you’re a strange actually, from the output of CW’s only been two season, you want to map, a completely new map they give you at the beginning of the first season, Verdansk not have time to convert to the point, but for 22 th you get Verdansk in a new wrapper, if they keep up the card will be changed each year under the release of a new caster but you still something that does not suit.

and the fact that they took like as wrote that because of this Event, possibly in the new (old) Verdanske it all will return in this or some form.

@Diablos, where the revival of the island and where the new card? ALLLO
Vozrozhdenie- stylized map of Alcatraz Opsa Black 4, where it is new, with the same mode, and only cleaned water zombie
water. This fuckin Varzone no water. You played in eclipse? Why there could swim, and there die in contact with water? In varzone all wooden, compared with the eclipse. no water again (and as a consequence all kinds of water transport, the quest to loop over the river, when in front of the enemy, no one undermines the bridges, as well as basically everything else. Without water, cut out a large part of the gameplay)
Quest. There is absolutely no quests (except dibilno tasks ala Kill 10 opponents) if anyone remembers the eclipse, the character revealed through a bunch of quests (at least remember Serafimku with a gun)
Absolutely boring location, compare at least platinum here and there, Nyuktaun , building.
And the most important physics! As you are super specialists that can not climb over the fence below the growth itself can not jump stone. As you helicopter concrete mows lopostyami and he do not care (over time of course the health of the helicopter poumenshili, new yet)
The eclipse in every season, there were some changes to the map, the new location, the breakthrough of the dam, and then what? Metro? A couple of the stadium floor, nafig useless bunkers with nafig useless loot?
I understand that if in legendaries could find a weapon with more than five body kit, and opened a drop and all.

@ Vovayozh1k, ALLO, Warzone map built from cards of the previous parts, noticed not? For players new WZ map of Renaissance and it does not matter that she was out there somewhere was. By the way, and Eclipse also made

About the water,. Anything that developers are different? Some see the game without water, other water, I personally do not see the use of water or in the current Verdanske any revival of the map data modes, bridges and without water ride, a lot of narrow roads, mine you want, I have the job done, mined similar place and fulfill them without any problems. BUT! like as it was rumored that due to the fact that we will transfer Verdansk in the 80s, where the dam (and not only) most likely still being built and the water will be a lot more, which just can swim, because . CW can swim in and the map was planned for release the CW and the opportunity to swim thought to add in other for 22 th know they abandoned this idea or not

About Eclipse,. Yes, I played in the hum. vyser (in my personal opinion), the most boring, terribly slow, with poor animation running, acid colors due to which the filters had to twist this style of the future is not for me. I honestly tried to give this game a chance, but always wanted to throw up, not gone, she even felt not like a normal Kolda but something else. What about updating the maps, tasks, etc. no idea, probably, probably not surprised I did this, if the game just is not fun to play, then no updates maps and other not force it to remain

About Physics., that in Eclipse, that Warzone, physics is equally simple-and nothing stands out. But the fact that in the WZ can not be normal to climb on the slopes, even at very low ledges, frozen course, then I agree, I hope they have something to do with it, because in the same PUBG similar problem was, but developed were able to fix it.