HCU Client Updates

HCU Client Updates


In addition to loans, HCU program works on license .
Under the license HCU client you can use the ALL Program features HCU client , for an unlimited (within the User Agreement) the number of phones.
When buying HCU license, complete it, you get free activation of the DC Phoenix
The list of supported models and functions of the program DC Phoenix
Fresh version of the DC Phoenix
Instructions for DC program Phoenix

* Note, for loans all the declared operations are available for the same phone an unlimited number of times within 24 hours after the first operation, after which the write-offs.
* For example, If you restore IMEI, S / N, Bluetooth ID, MAC address, Vendor and country, MEID, you can repeatedly and free to restore the data within 24 hours. But only for the same phone.

HCU client license for 2 years
Since the HCU-Client software v1.0.0. 0287 from 9.5.2018 users boxing and dongle DC-Unlocker or Infinity (main Infinity-Box / Dongle or Infinity [BEST] or Infinity CDMA-Tool) as well as users Vygis dongles or Rocker can activate HCU-Client on said Boxes or dongle.

Enabling HCU-Client for these boxes or dongles available regardless of whether the previously activated DC-Unlocker on this box or dongle.
Activate HCU-Client for these boxes or dongles includes activation of DC-Phoenix and unlimited support period (do not have to pay for annual support or to renew a license). This is the main advantage of Boxing HCU activation or dongle HCU before purchasing a license. Second perimuschestvo activation HCU on Boxing or dongle – a change of a computer without a timeout to 24 hours.
To activate the HCU-Client for any boxes or dongles (Infinity or Vygis or Rocker), not activated earlier by DC-Unlocker , you want to buy