Jimmy White, s Cueball World

Jimmy White’s Cueball World

Jimmy White’s Cueball World – a game of billiards, snooker champion backed Jimmy White. This is a continuation of the second part about the pool, with whom he has much in common

The game offers three different game types,. Billiards (in 9 balls variants, US 8-ball, UK 8-ball and 14.1 Continuous), snooker and billiards. There are various options for the camera with a view of the top of the table from top to bottom and from the first person. Take a photo, you can easily use the mouse, clicking on the queue, and then moving back and forth. More accurate control is possible through a number of icons that allow the player to set the power, rotation and tilt of the cue. Hand chalk is needed to prevent errors.

Learning mode and the editor-shot gimmicks are also available. The main single player mode consists of successive matches against a number of opponents. Victory over them opens up new levels and some podigr. The game has nine environments, ranging from the standard billiard hall to the more exotic, such as the beach and jungle. The additional games include darts (301, 501, or stop), war with the thumb maze and stunt. The game can be played by two players on a single machine on the LAN and over the Internet. The game features pictures of Jimmy White’s live commentary on the success or failure of the player.