The information is invalid (the results of verification contained in the Unified of legal entity details)

The information is invalid (validation results are contained in the Unified of legal entity details)

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Paid SECURITY EXPERT LLC (TIN 9701058816) for the 2019 taxes and fees. According to data provided by the Federal Tax Service

Value added tax . 0 rub

insurance contributions for compulsory health insurance of the working population to be transferred to the Federal mandatory medical insurance Fund budget

$ 0

insurance and other contributions for compulsory pension insurance to be transferred to the English Federation Pension Fund

$ 0

income taxes

$ 0

insurance contributions for compulsory social insurance against temporary disability and maternity

0 rub.

The company SECURITY EXPERT recorded December 16, 2016 with the assignment BIN 5167746454948, register torus – Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service №46 in Moscow. Full name – LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY SECURITY EXPERT. The company is located at, 101000, Moscow, ul. Pokrovka. 1/13/6, p. 2, pom. I, Room 1. The main activity is, Wholesale trade of electrical household appliances. Legal entity was also recorded in such categories as the NACE, Retail trade of audio and video equipment in specialized stores, non-specialized wholesale trade, Production of equipment for recording and playback of sound and image, production of consumer electronics, Wholesale trade of other household goods. General Director – Vladimir Borisovich melon. Organizational and legal form (BPA) – a limited liability company. Legal entity was abolished September 12, 2019.