Ivideon Client for Windows

Ivideon Client for Windows

Ivideon Client – is a free application with the user-friendly interface for users Ivideon Server and owners of cameras with built-in firmware Ivideon. App available for any mobile device and PC, allows you to view online and archive video over the Internet and locally. In one window of the program is available at the same time more than one camera.

  • View online video and archive video with both cameras attached to Ivideon Server, and cameras with built-in software Ivideon.
  • Ability to work through a proxy server.
  • camera Search by name.
  • Change the video quality.
  • Full screen mode.
  • Rotate video.
  • View the video in a new window.
  • Edit layout.
  • Move the camera within the layout.
  • Zooming timeline.
  • to change the playback speed of videos.
  • Simultaneous viewing of archive from several cameras.
  • Export records available from local video servers, in .avi format or .mp4. < / li>
  • Control PTZ-cameras

Live WebCam -. home video surveillance system, that allows you to automatically receive

Feedback about the program. Ivideon Client

Software – a complete city-as-in-and-about. To set up any bunch – obraschatstsa necessary technical support. What the H. You can download and put to ubeditstso in my words!
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Please tell us in detail the difficulties encountered during the use of our software. We are looking forward to your answer here or directly to our support https,//ru.ivideon.com/contacty/. It should be noted that the instruction for Ivideon Clien available on our website under the link thttp, //downloads-cdn77.iv-cdn.com/bundles/client/man/ivideon-client-manual-ru.pdf. Answers for the service and our software can be found in our help center – https,//ru.ivideon.com/help/
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Horrible app. We put in office by 1 camera. Everything was great class and until dripped into the archive – it was not! Run the program service, launches the camera (the indicator is visible), and does not write. Starts the client – server falls off and restarts the camera and now writes. Periodically the server stops himself. Starts the server and turn it (after all, he did chudit closed), and an hour later unfold as the server is not working! To see the record you want to start the server, and if the camera is turned off (or break for example), then the server will not see the record. What kind of nonsense? Recording is on a disk but you can not see. In short one negative – I do not recommend, since hit the couple of very difficult situations when needed record. And yet it sells for the money – free of charge is not needed.
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Vladimir or client or server for the money do not apply. This is a completely free application. The only thing that you can pay is to store your data in the cloud archive.

If you still have a record on the disc, then of course you can see it. As soon as there is the slightest question, do not try to set up something yourself, if you can not. We have round the clock technical support to help and answer all your questions. The easiest way to contact by mail, support@ivideon.ru
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Thank you for your interest in our service, and a good review. Enjoy your use of the service Ivideon!
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Yes, easy to use program and works well. The same version works fine on androfone.Smartsfon always with you at any time so you can use it. Thanks to developers! There are brakes with file downloading, but this is usually the fault of the service provider. Not a lot of advice to those who will put the program in the first. If you have installed the camera Try Us program, such as Skype, etc. you will need an additional program -. Virtualnaya camera. Otherwise, the camera will operate in either Skype or Ivideon. I put Manycam. It is working properly. Read the Old Offline.
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