Exact Audio Copy

Exact Audio Copy

Exact Audio Copy – is an application for your PC, with which, users extract audio tracks from audio CD, and then converted into the desired format – WAV / MP3. The program supports all popular codecs and virtually any ATAPI CD / SCSI drives today. On this page you can download the latest version of Exact Audio Copy in English.

Options ExactAudio Copy

The built-in software player recognizes and edit ID3 tags in a compact editor of sounds, which is equipped with a sufficient number of options for zvukoobrabotki

  • interaction with optical disks in SCSI / ATAPI interfaces,
  • accounting offset -. bias certain drive during read / write,
  • < li> correct errors that arise due to inaccurate synchronization,

  • the definition of quality of the disc and the autotune speed winchesters DVD / CD,
  • compression of audio data in the mode of real-time using the LAME DLL functions / BladeEnc,
  • integration with a wide range of encoders MP3 / AAC / VQF / FLAC / RA, and the like,
  • unpacking and compression of WAV packages,
  • CompressionOffset – to support displacement converter,
  • identify gaps between tracks,
  • record CD-RW / CD-R, CD playback,
  • Self-Test and identification capacity CD-ROM,
  • adjustment and coordination of the tracks on the disc’s inaccurate zvukopotokom,
  • interaction with CD-Text, editor of the WAV-file type.

< / p>

to work with Escient CDDB application accesses the database freedb.org. Recording from the radio or records managed by the Loop buttons Record and Record and respectively. Due to CD-Extra option, you can maintain multiple recording sessions. After data extraction, the clicks are removed.

Launch and configure

To get started, it is necessary to download for free Exact Audio Copy to computer. Configuration wizard prompts you to select the profile – the exact setting or all EAC

  • Accurate Stream (fine flow),
  • Caching,
  • Return data. a C2-errors.

The values ​​of the settings are in the EAC-based. If your reader is in the database, perform a test on the Master’s instructions. Drive if it does not support accurate stream, will have to replace the drive settings are set in the EAC-options-F9 menu.

  • to fill in the silence of missing samples,
  • at start CRC – Do not use zero,
  • to sync tracks,
  • include tray lock when removing
  • . use alternative playback CD,
  • disable autorun,
  • to display the time in frames in CUE files (1/75 sec.),
  • to send a request before overwriting,
  • correct errors prioritization of files,
  • show infookno,
  • to send the notification sound.
  • read ISRC (12 digits) and UPC (13 digits),
  • use the CD-Text,
  • to keep report,
  • optionally assign send a report to the developer’s website.

Do not use the bookmark normalization, Study leave fragments preloaded. In the folder, set the Ask …, the rest of the items do not change.

  • Leave Reliable mode in the method of extraction,
  • If you are just starting to use the application, do not enable C2 mode,
  • in Reading activate promotion before removing …, the other parameters do not change,
  • to offset and speed pick up the correction, which by default is 0.

If you want to get acquainted with the full instructions, be sure to read the software Help, or visit the official website of Exact Audio Copy.