Download Screenix Pro


The application allows you to run multiple tools simultaneously. You can split the screen and use a pre-selected program in certain areas of the display

Screens -. App for Android, is an analogue multi-mode. Users can run multiple applications simultaneously and fully work in them.


After the installation, the user is invited to select the split screen mode. Depending on the type of device, users can split your desktop into multiple parts.

For example, it is possible to run the game, messenger, browser and other applications, and then move from one to another to work. Utilities fast open as still running.

Splitscreen mode can be enabled only with applications that have been pre-selected. The ability to use a split screen allows you to increase productivity when working with a mobile device.

Note that the app requires access to the services of special features. These permissions allow you to run a multi-mode automatically. If the user does not wish to provide utility required permission, he will have to manually hold the button for repeated queries.


The application is quite low rating in Google Play. In this case, user opinions are divided. First fully satisfied with the work of the utility, the latter is strongly recommended not to install the programs in order to save time.

Many people are dissatisfied with the fact that after the next update basic functions either severely limited or non-existent. Some face the fact that they can not run the application.