Filemanager with plugins – Total Commander MAX-Pack

filemanager with plugins – Total Commander 9.51 MAX-Pack 2020.09.25.1 by Mellomann

filemanager with plugins – Total Commander 9.51 MAX-Pack 2020.09.25.1 by Mellomann

Total Commander – probably the most popular file manager with all necessary for such programs functions. In addition to all the tools specific to the file manager, Total Commander contains a quick view panel with bitmap files, unpacking ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE and additional dll for other archive files.

Torrent filemanager with plugins – Total Commander 9.51 MAX-Pack 2020.09.25.1 by Mellomann detail,
It is extremely convenient ftp-client you can download / upload files to multiple streams, provides a resume, www-proxy with ftp and there’s even a function as a connection to the ftp at a specified time. Will not be denied, and functions such as UUE / MIME / XXE encoding / decoding and cutting / gluing long files, as well as many other features essential to work with files

The universal assembly,. With minimum weight has a huge number of various plug-ins and add. tools by which this pack is enough for most tasks in everyday life, as well as when setting up the system

This assembly includes a number of useful plug-ins,.
Total Commander will open up a very large number of archive formats (incl game), even such rare as the uha, arc, wim, gcf, pk3. It is also included plug-ins for encryption, steganography, and super-hiding files on the disk inaccessible in other software areas. This assembly works properly with NTFS hard links, even on XP

As part of the six options available installation Full-assemblies to choose from,!
1. Full (programs)
2. Complete (with software) version only win32
3. Complete (with software) version only win64
4. Minimum (Lite)
5. Minimum (Lite) version only win32
6. Minimum (Lite) version only win64

Features Full-assembly,
• Universal build, smaller size has a huge number of plugins and add. utilities, thanks to which it is enough for most daily tasks, as well as in setting up and administering the system,
• Total Commander MAX-Pack works properly with NTFS hard links, even on XP,
• support a very large number archive formats (including gaming), and such rare as the uha, arc, gcf, wim, and many others,
• completed ImDisk Virtual disk Driver for RAM-disk and disk imaging,
• Enable plug-ins for encryption (Puzzle.wcx), steganography and hiding files (Fobia.wcx) disk inaccessible in other software areas,
• convenient and fast sfx-unpacking,
• optimal settings for convenience and speed,
• a wide variety of useful plugins for any occasion,
• easy to use menu that will fit even on small screens of netbooks with SVGA-resolution,
• only the most important of the software in addition to the Total Commander,
• portable emulator CD / DVD – WinCDEmu (for iso image, cue, img, nrg, mds, ccd, bin) ,
• the ability to run the installation in different conditions through special parameters,
• expanded menu to work with specific functions archiver,
• initially complete assembly portability,
• the opportunity to work with the flash cards and network drives,
• easy to work with RAM-disk through ImDisk VDD,
• support RAR 5.x files in Total Commander (as well as the expansion rar5),
• many other useful things.

plugins Full version,
• ARC + MultiArc, Ace, Arj, Lha, Rar, UC2 r3 Pro, 7Zip, Cab, i6comp, i12comp, InnoUnp, Uharc, UPX, ARC, Precomp, Srep
• WCX, 7Zip, CatalogMaker, CHMDir , DiskDirExtended, Fobia, GAUP, GIF, hlp, ICLRead, ICO, IMaGinator, InstallExplorer, ISO, MhtUnPack, MSCompress, MultiArc, Pak, Puzzle, Total7zip, TotalISO, TotalSQX, Z
• WDX , AnyTag, AudioInfo, bitchaos, decID3WDX, DirSizeCalc, FileX, firstByte, NTLinks, ShellDetails, TCMediaInfo, wdx_exif, wdx_translit
• WFX, ADBPlugin, BadCopy, DiskInternals_reader, EnvVars, FSClipboard, NTFSFileStreams, RedClipboard, Registry
• WLX, AKFont, AnyTag, Excellence, FileInfo, HTMLView, ICLView, Imagine, Imagine0, LinkInfo, Office2007, OOoViewer, SLister, TCTorrent (WLX / WDX / WCX)

Utilities Full version,
7z-sfx Button, AddTime, AkelPad (+ x64), DecrypTC, HxD, MkFileSize, NtfsLinks, NTLinksMaker, AFPIunpack, CURL, DiskAlignmentTest, ImDisk VDD, MP3DirectCut, NConvert, Rar Unlocker, SumatraPDF, UltraISO , ViengTotal Uploader, WinCDEmu Portable, XPDF PdfImages

The new assembly,
[*] – Updated
[+] – added
[-] – removed
[x] – changed
[!] – important information

[^] ICLRead wcx
[^] ICLView wlx
[^] TCTorrent wlx
[^] MediaInfo dll
[^] MAC
[^] UltraISO
[-] Excellence.wlx (xls format lost relevance)
[-] FsClipboard.wfx (there are more functional RedClip board wfx)
[-] ico.wcx (there are more functional Plugin)
[-] msc.wcx (xls format lost relevance)
[-] NtfsLinks (there are more functional NTLinksMaker) < br /> [x] Minor edits / settings

file, Total Commander 9.51 MAX-Pack 2020.09.25.1 by Mellomann.exe
CRC-32, 05d5159f
MD5, 01626209646c1725941794f978bf9dcb
SHA-1, f318efceb355feab1fa72d64ade6e557515f4cf5 < br /> SHA-256, 8cfe895501c95a521ff19d7d9e5b701bec41d3723c2c6091cd826b229f601b1e

Warning. . Launch Total Commander 9.51 MAX-Pack 2020.09.25.1 by Mellomann.exe as administrator

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