Download Video Converter in English

Download Video Converter
in English

If you want to convert videos in just seconds? Trust VideoMASTER program

VideoMASTER – fast and powerful video converter which allows you to change the format of multimedia files without losing original quality . The program supports 500 extensions and codecs to convert video and audio tracks. Among them, as the popular MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, and more rare 3GP, WTV, SWF.

The program lets you encode video and audio such as one by one, and entire folders at once.

VideoMASTER quickly transcodes all entries taking into account the new parameters and save to the specified folder.

Efficient compression rollers in a single click

VideoMASTER successfully solve any problem to work with video files. With the converter, you are in a few minutes will be able to,

  • Reduce the weight of the video a few times,
  • Compress video for fast downloads in Internet,
  • to prepare the record for viewing
    in any media player and on any mobile device.

Software includes over 300 conversion scripts for any occasion. Presets for convenience divided into three groups,

  • Formats – for universal video compression,
  • Devices – to adapt the video for gadgets,
  • Sites -. to encode video for web services

Choose the right type of compression –
And the software instantly overwrite the video

well versed in the technical intricacies? Adjust export settings by hand! Set the size, choose the appropriate video and audio codec, bitrate, size and frame rate. Get perfect quality when compressed, to choose the optimal settings.

All that is needed for effective work in video files!