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For downloading will be given a link to the distribution of the program on the website of the developer.

Overview GenoPro 2007 (automatic translation)

GenoPro is a software to draw family trees. Among all software pedigree GenoPro is the easiest to learn and easiest to use. If you are – beginner to genealogy, you can learn to use GenoPro in a few minutes without the need to look at the online help. GenoPro is able to draw any kind of pedigree, including the most complicated family difficult to image».

Once you have finished your family tree, you can save your family tree in the metafile for insertion into Word, PowerPoint or any other Windows software. The metafile is an image with a transparent background, able to be scaled to any size without loss of quality. You can use GenoPro to create huge posters pedigree. GenoPro can insert unlimited pictures for each individual and family, and help you create a CD ROM of your family album. GenoPro has a powerful report generator to generate detailed reports in the language of your choice. Those reports can be printed using Word or published online via an Internet connection. GenoPro has a built-in reports in 10 languages ​​and welcome to add your own language or customize an existing report to your liking. GenoPro has an excellent tool for the compilation of statistics of family and ancestry. A few clicks of the mouse you can find everything from the oldest ancestor of the largest family of man the most dilution. GenoPro uses the genogram to represent the family tree. Genogram is a graphical representation of a family with a number of simple rules and images. Genogram include basic information about the number of connections, including child elements in each compound, order of birth, age and death. Some genogram also include the relationship between people and information on the disordering of running in the family, such as alcoholism, depression and illness.